‘Your presentation on The Trust Economy blew me away!’
– CEO, homebot.ai
Designing a better data economy with trust at the center

As a primary player in the global data economy, Facebook works with expert speakers and facilitators around the world to guide and inspire thinking on best practices around designing user experiences involving data. Alongside several other engagement points, the client was interested in a keynote speaker delivering a strategic perspective on trust and its connection to emerging data governance principles of transparency and control for an audiences in Asia.

As part of this mandate, the client organised an event focusing on building better digital experiences with and for start-ups in South Korea. Offering them fresh perspective and hands-on guidance, the event kicked off with a 15-minuted TED-style keynote speech on the strategic importance of designing digital experiences for trust, and benefits this would bring to data-driven interactions. This keynote spanned aspects of the digital Trust Economy and its interpretation by leading technology disruptors and digital economy giants.

On top of helping clarify several significant ideas and improvements across these fields, this engagement and its conversations were continued in Singapore, where the client was setting up a forum for start-up engagement and corresponding thought leadership. It evidenced the value-add of trust in designing digital interfaces and the data streams powering them. Building user trust in digital interfaces is a mission-critical factor driving engagement, social sharing and value generation. This is where it is handy to be able to work with a keynote speaker based in Singapore and at home in Asia, who is practical at heart and loves to put new thinking into action.

‘I believe in a world in which we all trust each other. When we trust ourselves and others, we transform. Trust empowers us to become the best version of ourselves and humanity. It’s our shared foundation for greatness.’
– Philipp Kristian

Philipp Kristian is a global innovation x trust pioneer, voice of digital Generations Y to Z and author of RESET and The Trust Economy. He is a TEDx storyteller, futurist on our humanity and international keynote speaker deciphering our digital economy. As we approach a global post-pandemic reset, he speaks in service of a greater and happier humankind.

Philipp spent the past decade driving innovation for Fortune 500s in JAPAC and working with CEOs of Singapore’s most successful startups on reshaping entire industries. He’s inspired transformation in over a dozen sectors and 50+ countries, including Bhutan and the Maldives. His executive masterclasses for a top Asian business school have garnered rave reviews.

Philipp is an innovation strategist at heart, a change evangelist on stage and an eloquent rebel on the page. He’s a magician inspiring us to rediscover trust as the magic ingredient to our greatest human achievements. His work has attracted the attention of media including Business Insider, Esquire, Haymarket, Forbes, Economic Times, Springer and brand eins. He was named a Kairos Global Fellow in 2016 and World Economic Forum Global Shaper in 2018, and invited to the official St. Gallen Symposium Singapore delegation in 2015 and 2021.

In his free time, he’s an avid yogi, sailor and matcha enthusiast.

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