The Trust Economy

Airbnb, Uber, TripAdvisor, Bitcoin, Carousell – this is the way we live today.

Over the past decade, one of the most revolutionary changes in our global economy has been the creation of trusted digital intermediaries. These platforms allow us – as individuals and as businesses – to exchange value with one another in new and better ways. We are experiencing a modern relationship renaissance, enabled by technology and powered by trust.

But not everyone has succeeded equally. Corporate innovation efforts are often stymied by a culture of distrust that kills creativity, impedes progress and reduces competitive advantage. As incumbents lurch from one identity crisis to another and startups flood every industry from retail to insurance, only the most trusted players will succeed.

The Trust Economy introduces a world-first structured model for building trust in six progressive stages. Whatever industry you’re in, whatever the size of your business, the trust model will set you on the path to reaping the most value from the opportunities and challenges of the digital age.

“Trust is the elusive currency in politics and economics that everybody craves. Philipp makes a great case for why and how to build it.” — Jörg Dietzel, Audi AG Head of global marketing communication strategy

“With structure and intellectual rigour, Philipp provides an invaluable framework for organisations to plan and design for trust.” — Jin Kang, OCBC Bank VP of Group Customer Experience, Publisher of Designful.Co

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